Clergy helps


After attending a Via de Cristo weekend, your congregation members will find that:

  • They experience more joy, happiness, and satisfaction from their Christian faith.
  • They experience a closer walk with Christ - as they learn and witness Christ's love for them.
  • More joyous fellowship develops with their brothers and sisters in Christ sharing their faith with others is easier and more enjoyable.

What we do to make it easy for you!

Some of the options include:

  • Contact Us to set up a time for a personal visit.
  • Invite a Temple Talk Team to visit your church A group of men and women will visit your church to speak about their experiences at Wisconsin Sonrise Via de Cristo during announcements, sermon time, or Sunday School.
  • Brochures and applications are available. Click Here to contact our Council Secretary and she will forward all updated information to you.
  • Attend a Weekend
  • We offer weekends in the Spring & Fall for both Men & Women and during the summer we offer a Co-ed Weekend.
  • Invite one or two leaders within your congregation to attend.
  • Model the methods of Via de Cristo: Reunion Group and Ultreya