Application Information

Application Info:

In order to attend a Via de Cristo weekend you will need a sponsor and your pastor’s permission.

  • Please ask your pastor if there is an active VDC community in your church. These are the folks who can sponsor you.
  • If none exists, ask you pastor if he/she would be willing to participate with you. If so, we will help both of you find sponsors. This is how local VDC communities are begun.
  • You can also simply apply and we will research our records to see if there are any VDC community members in your congregation willing to be sponsors.
  • An application does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Applicants who are not accepted for reasons other than overflow will not be reconsidered for this weekend, but can resubmit an application for a following weekend.
  • Persons who have experienced recent trauma (death, divorce, marital problems, job loss, etc.) should consult with their pastor before applying.
  • Applicants with concerns about the weekend are encouraged to talk with their pastors.
  • Applicants should be open to speak with their pastor about their experience at Via de Cristo.