what to expect

The weekend is not intended to be a conversion experience, but is for Christian growth by active, baptized members of a Christian congregation.
The weekend is NOT a retreat. It is an encounter with Christ experienced in community with other people.


  • Daily Worship experiences including celebration of Holy Communion.
  • 14 Talks presented by both Clergy & Laity each followed by small group discussion.
  • Designated time to rest & reflect.
  • Plenty of laughter & singing.
  • Opportunities for pastoral counseling if desired.


  • All weekend activities are held in churches or retreat camp settings including eating & sleeping.
  • Arrangements for commuting, lodging or meals are not necessary.
  • When the weekends are held in churches, many people will be sleeping in the same area on either cots or air mattresses, which are provided. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag or bedding.
  • When Weekends are held at Retreat Camp settings sleeping will be on beds, possibly sharing a room with several others, shower facilities will be available on site.  You may still  need to bring your own sleeping bag or bedding. Check with your sponsor.
  • The weekend schedule for eating and rest can be irregular, but some accommodations can be made if special needs exist and are made known.
  • When weekends are held at Churches Showers are provided once on the weekend at a YMCA or at a school locker room having community type shower facilities.
  • Husbands and wives are asked to attend on consecutive weekends. Like many other things in marriage this, too, is best if experienced by both partners.
  • Attendees should plan on staying for the complete weekend.


  • Fees:
  • Beginning in October 2017, weekend fees are as follows:
  • Weekends held in Traditional Church based locations are $65 including meals lodging and materials.
  • Weekends held in Camp based locations are in the $120 – 145 range (based on location) including meals, lodging, and materials.
  • (Scholarships are available)

Time commitment:

  • Weekend activities begin at 7PM on Thursday and end on Sunday around 5PM. You can expect your sponsor to arrange to pick you up and bring you home.